Since researchers were unable to link the discovery to any fossils or migratory population, they believe the technology was developed independently in Asia. It shows the diversity of the human experience. The technique involves the striking of lithic flakes from a prepared lithic core. Then, when the striking platform is finally hit, a lithic flake separates from the lithic core with a distinctive profile. This method provides a great deal of control regarding the size and shape of the final tool, which would have been used as a knife or a scraper. Projectiles could also be derived using a similar technique. This type of tool is considered definitory for the sophistication level of the culture that built it. They were named after the Levallois-Perret suburb of Paris, where the first such stone flakes were found in the s. This is a relatively unusual but precise dating technique. Luckily we found residual sediment left over by the previous excavations, so that allowed us to take samples for dating.

The Blue Chips: Collecting Swiss Army Knives

You have x remaining which can be personalised. After you make your changes please click “Confirm and Apply” to save this personalisation to your shopping cart. You already know a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife will make a wonderful gift for the handyman or woman in your life.

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Rarely does a single brand, style or look set the standard for an entire genre in the knife industry, let alone hold its place for decades with no sign of a loosening grip. The classic red handle emblazoned with the shield and cross of its land of origin render the Swiss Army knife SAK instantly recognizable, while its multifunction versatility makes it indispensable for those who carry it and rely on it in a variety of situations. Like every icon in any field, the SAK is surrounded in legend and lore.

The consensus is that the knife gained widespread appeal during and after World War II as Allied soldiers brought them home , and those who saw the knives clamored for one of their own. American military personnel came to further love the SAK when it became available at the nearest base PX post exchange , and sales are said to have exploded. In , Victorinox went a long way in closing the book on that discussion with the acquisition of rival Wenger, followed by the consolidation of the two brands into the single Victorinox label in He also was responsible for the iconic design, which has not changed to this day.

From to , the handles were made of red fiber. Functions of the knife included big blade, small blade, can opener, corkscrew and reamer. In the knife handles changed to celluloid, and since the material used is Cellidor. The red color was probably chosen for the red in the Swiss flag and also for the Swiss canton [district] of Schwyz—and probably to help the owner find his treasured possession when it falls on the ground!

In , a wood saw and scissors were added. The new model with scissors was christened the Climber, and the Huntsman included both the wood saw and scissors.

Swiss Army Knives FAQ

Over the years, I have handled a boatload of Victorinox Swiss Army watches. I am an avid collector who buys, blogs about and resells this brand. The best way to get to know them is to own them for a while, and that is what I do.

Swiss Army knife collectors know that these iconic knives can hold their try to collect specific Soldier’s knives with specific-year date stamps.

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Swiss Army knife

On the picture you can see the key ring spring attachment that was produced for three months in The one in the middle is an advertising knife and it got the new tang stamp from This should suggest that one need to be careful to date a knife into just by the spring attacment. Both got the notch.

Victorinox is the original Swiss Army knife, dating back to , these iconic everyday companions are owned by millions of people worldwide. Victorinox knives.

Swiss Army knife , multibladed pocketknife that evolved from knives issued to Swiss soldiers beginning in There are hundreds of models of Swiss Army knives, which among their many tools may incorporate attachments such as a saw , pliers, scissors , compass, light, tweezers, whistle, fish scaler, file , pen, wirecutter, or altimeter. Models are especially designed for specific users—campers, hunters, computer repairers, golfers, and handymen. The name has become a metaphor for a compact, ingeniously designed tool with multiple uses.

Swiss Army knife. Article Media.


The Swiss Army knife [1] is a multi-tool pocketknife manufactured by Victorinox. The Swiss Army knife generally has a main spearpoint blade plus other blades and tools such as screwdrivers , a can opener , and many others. These are stowed inside the handle of the knife through a pivot point mechanism. The handle is traditionally a red color, with either a Victorinox or Wenger “cross” logo or, for Swiss military issue knives, the coat of arms of Switzerland.

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This knife featured a second smaller cutting blade, corkscrew, and wood fiber grips. A cultural icon of Switzerland, the design of the knife and its versatility have both led to worldwide recognition. The earliest known pocketknives date to at least the early Iron Age.

Swiss Army knife, multibladed pocketknife that evolved from knives issued to Swiss The next oldest tools, found in Ethiopian rocks dating to approximately

The metal or alox series of Swiss Army Knives are not as common as their cellidor counterparts, but are rich in Victorinox tradition. Dating back to , the first alox Swiss Army knife model was produced in the PIoneer. The same handle was later used on the Swiss Army Soldier, which was among the most popular alox models available. The current anodized aluminum alox models are commonly available in silver, and often include black and red as complimentary colors. There have been recent additions to some of the color offerings in the Farmer, Cadet, and Classic lines which include the limited edition steel blue, olive, orange, blue, copper, and dark gray.

No matter which pattern you choose, Swiss Army alox knives are an excellent companion to you and your daily routine.

Victorinox Evolution S16 Swiss Army Knife (Formerly Wenger)

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